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Quality Policy

• In the institutionalization phase, we establish and implement our operating and management system in accordance with international standards.
• With the opinion that a better service can always be provided, we measure our guest satisfaction and service quality, see our guests' complaints as an opportunity and use them to improve our service quality.
• Following complaints and feedback from guests, we ensure the necessary compensation and improvement for them in cases where they are right. 
• We objectively listen to our employees’ recommendations and suggestions removing barriers and obstacles of every kind, and provide a framework for determining our goals.
• We attach importance to the continuity of education in order to raise awareness of our personnel and to ensure the continuity of integrated management systems.
• In an environment where love, respect and peace prevail, we increase the motivation of employees in our facilities and ensure that they work in a Team Spirit.
• We make new investments by working in harmony with country and regional policies. We consider guest expectations in our investments, follow technology closely, develop our businesses and use our experience, knowledge and skills in a constructive way.
• With our transparent management style, we ensure that all employees contribute to our system. By ensuring that our corporate identity is adopted by all employees, we create employees who believe in teamwork and ensure that they stay within the group for a long time.
• In order to ensure that any food is served to our guests and staff in accordance with food safety and hygiene rules, we comply with the hygiene rules in terms of purchase, storage, preparation, presentation of raw materials and on a physical, chemical and microbiological basis, and fulfil the related requirements. By conducting internal and external communication, we ensure that the objectives of the food safety management system are established, reviewed and continuously improved.
• In order to protect the environment and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism, we determine our impact on the environment and control the negative effects, possible dangers and our wastes. We strive to minimize the use of sustainable natural resources, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution. We attach importance to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
• We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and legislative regulations in our country, and fully fulfil the requirements.
• In order to protect our guests and employees from injuries, accidents and diseases that may occur while carrying out our activities, and to reduce occupational health and safety risks by eliminating hazards and providing safe and healthy working conditions, we take and implement the necessary measures and ensure the continuous improvement of the management system.
• We strive to ensure that our environmental awareness and social responsibilities are adopted not only by our employees, but also by our guests, suppliers, subcontractors and competent authorities, and we put our efforts on the continuous improvement by ensuring the sustainability of our environmental management system. We contribute to the production of environmental protection and social responsibility projects by collaborating with local governments, supplier companies and non-governmental organizations.
• We contribute to the development of tourism in the region by offering our guests historical and cultural activities.
• We take all necessary measures to increase local employment and protect and enrich natural life in our places where our facilities are situated. We protect the biodiversity and the number of living creatures in our facilities, and share all the activities carried out by us in order to protect our environment with our employees and the public.