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On the one side, Venus Hotels and on the other side, the Sales Contract has been arranged between the person or institution (which will be called as CUSTOMER / GUEST) in the following contract, by approving this contract and receiving the accommodation services over the internet.


Name / Title: Ramada Resort Lara / Venüs Hotel Management Inc.
Tel : (0242) 352 33 33

Faks : (0242) 352 43 33
E-Posta : [email protected]
Web Site :




The subject of this contract covers the performance of the accommodation services that Venus Hotel sells to the customer and the rights and obligations of the parties.


2.1- According to this contract, HOTEL is obliged to provide accommodation service at HOTEL upon the request of the GUEST. (This contract will be referred to as SERVICE.)


2.3- With the signing of this contract, GUEST confirms that he has been informed about the accommodation rules, reservation rules and tariffs at HOTEL.


2.4- From the moment this contract is concluded and the contract price is fully paid by GUEST, the HOTEL will send the Voucher Document (Name Surname, Entry and Exit Dates, Room Type information, etc.) to the Guest stating that they will meet the service requested by GUEST.




3-1- Service-Accommodation reservation can be made by filling the reservation form on the website or by calling the reservation center at 0242 352 3333.


3.2- Our Online Reservation Terms and Conditions contract is updated from time to time. The current version of is the most current version.


3.3- Reservations can be canceled by GUEST via fax or e-mail.


3.4- GUEST must submit the request to make changes to its reservation at the latest 14 (fourteen) days before the hotel arrival date. In accordance with HOTEL availability, its request can be confirmed.


3.5- With this agreement, if the guest makes a change for any reason after making his reservation, he accepts, declares and undertakes that the reservation will be revised based on the prices applied during the date when the reservation change request is confirmed.


3.6- Discounts for children will be applied if they stay in the same room as their parents. When calculating the age of the child, the date of entering the HOTEL will be taken into consideration. Although it is determined that the age of the child is different from the age specified in the identity requested by the authorized person during the reservation registration, the necessary changes will be made in the reservation and the fee difference will be paid separately by GUEST.


3.7- When the reservation is confirmed by GUEST with a credit card, the HOTEL will have confirmed the reservation.


3.8- Services included and not included in the price are available on our website


3.9- In reservations where the time between the reservation is made and the date of entry to the HOTEL is less than 30 days, it accepts and undertakes that it will not use the MISAFİR Right of Withdrawal and will not request the refund of the accommodation fee it paid, except for the force majeure stated in this contract.


3.10- In the event that the time between the reservation is made and the entry date to the Hotel is more than 30 days, the guest can use the right of withdrawal 30 days before the reservation date and cancel his reservation. In this case, the paid accommodation fee will be refunded.


3.11- In accordance with the above mentioned items, the method of refunding the accommodation fee to be made by the HOTEL will be made according to the payment method made by GUEST at the time of booking. (If GUEST made a payment by credit card, the same credit card will be returned to the incoming account number if the bank transfer is done by bank transfer.


3.12- Related bank procedures are valid for returns made to credit cards.


3.13- HOTEL is not responsible for any additional costs that may arise from EFT and Money Order transactions.


3.14- The reservation made by GUEST cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.




4.1. RAMADA RESORT LARA HOTEL serves with the concept announced on the website GUEST expenditures other than the concept committed by the HOTEL are recorded in the room account and collected before departure.


4.2. The age and identity of the guest will be checked during the entrance. GUEST will bear the price arising from the misinformation of the guest.


4.3. GUEST, no matter what time he arrives at the hotel, he will settle in the room at 14:00 on the day of check-in at the earliest, and will leave the room at 12:00 at the latest, after leaving the room. He will accept that he will pay for the additional service to be provided.


4.4- Pets are accepted by Ramada Resort Lara Hotel and not by other facilities.
For detailed information, please contact the reservation center on 0242 352 33 33.


4.5- If GUEST has settled in HOTEL, the payment made will not be refunded if the HOTEL ceases to receive the service for a reason other than failing to fulfill its responsibilities.




5.1. The full price of the reservation must be paid at the time of registration. Reservation is not valid unless the service fee is paid to HOTEL in full and completely.


5.2. GUEST will enter their credit card information into the system through the online reservation system. If the payment is to be made with a credit card belonging to another person other than the GUEST who made the reservation, the credit card holder must provide written information to the HOTEL in advance.
On the date of entry, GUEST must deliver a photocopy of the wet-signed identity card of the credit card holder. GUEST shall be responsible for any damages / damages that may arise from the failure of GUEST to fulfill these responsibilities.


5.3. HOTEL accepts that the system in which credit card information and information is provided is under the protection of a private security system that prevents it from appearing or being copied in any way and in any way. HOTEL also accepts and undertakes the acceptance and undertaking that due to damaging programs and carelessness of GUEST, the information and document secrets will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the learning of third parties and cannot be held responsible in any way.


5.4- GUEST, to the HOTEL during the entrance to the Hotel official; When registering online reservation, he / she will present the credit card used for payment or photocopy of the front part of this credit card. GUEST shall be responsible for any damages / damages that may arise from the failure of GUEST to fulfill these responsibilities.


5.5- The invoice will be given to the guest after he leaves the hotel. If the GUEST does not receive the invoice at the time of departure, it will be sent to the address specified by the GUEST. If the guest does not specify the address to send the invoice, the invoice will be sent to the Guest contact address. HOTEL shall not be held responsible for the invoice not reaching the Guest in the event that the GUEST gives the wrong address, does not specify the recipient or the recipient is not at the address specified.


5.6- VAT is included in the prices, and the unique concept of the HOTEL's website includes the ROOM TYPE accommodation purchased by the guest within the period specified in the Accommodation document.


5.7- Even if GUEST could not sign this protocol and its Annexes by mail order, virtual mail, money order or EFT for any reason, it has committed to receive this protocol and the service specified in its Annex under the conditions specified here.


5.8- GUEST receives all kinds of information about the Hotel mentioned in this protocol and its annexes from the internet site of the HOTEL and undertakes to read and accept this protocol after making all necessary examination and research.




6.1- The information regarding the accommodation subject to this contract has been reviewed and evaluated by GUEST from the Hotel's website. In case of making an online reservation, accommodation information can be printed on the website by GUEST at every stage or after reservation. Accommodation price and payment method are seen by the guest before the reservation is completed on the website and the guest chooses one of the payment options at his own discretion. GUEST enters the credit card information into the system and completes its payment. The system where the credit card information used in the online reservation and reservation center is entered is protected by international security software and it is not possible to see or copy the information in any way. However, viruses, etc. to be found on the GUEST computer. The Hotel is not responsible for the processing of the system with the software or the passwords and information to be seized by third parties due to the negligence of GUEST and for the damages that GUEST may suffer. HOTEL has no penalty or indemnity obligation to pay, and for this reason it is also a GUEST acceptance and acceptance to pay any damages that HOTEL may incur.


6.2- It is the due diligence of the well-intentioned GUEST that the GUEST notifies the complaints about the complaints in writing to the HOTEL Front Office Manager during the performance of the service. GUEST use of the service he / she received, even though he / she complained, to the end without notice, removes the right to compensation, such as substitution service and cost reimbursement.


6.3- Force majeure; strike-lockout, state of war, people's movement, natural disaster, flood, fire and unpredictable technical issues etc. states are considered force majeure. Due to such reasons, the HOTEL may cancel the stay due to the inability to start or continue the accommodation. In such cases, GUEST does not have the right to demand compensation. The price in the period when the service cannot be provided is returned to the GUEST. In addition, in case of death, illness, accident, etc. of the GUEST and / or first-degree relatives, the accommodation fee for the surah which cannot be stayed is refunded by the HOTEL.


6.4- The HOTEL Voucher Certificate is an annex and an integral part of the protocol that includes these preliminary information, terms and conditions and is binding for the parties.


6.5- If GUEST violates any article of the contract, GUEST accepts and undertakes to cover all kinds of damages that HOTEL may suffer as a result of its violation.


6.7- In the event that GUEST does not inform in writing that it will participate in the service it missed; HOTEL GUEST reserves the right to cancel all reservations and services made after 24 hours. No refunds will be made to GUEST for such cancellations.


6.11- Right to make changes on the website; HOTEL reserves the right to change all kinds of services, products, conditions of using the site and the information provided on the website and the site extension without prior notice, to reorganize the site and to stop broadcasting. The changes take effect at the time of publication on the site. These changes are also accepted by the use of the site or login. These conditions also apply to other linked web pages. HOTEL, as a result of breach of contract, wrongful act, negligence or other reasons; It does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the process, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of the transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use.


6.12- GUEST is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the person / persons who will stay over the reservation center or through the website. GUEST is personally responsible for costs and problems caused by incorrect information. HOTEL cannot be held responsible for these problems and costs.


6.13- The hotel reserves the right to unilaterally cancel incorrect reservations due to technical errors such as computer software and programs, wrong price display and problems.


6.14- The privacy of the information of GUEST is valid for all extensions starting with the HOTEL website. Personal information of GUEST is never shared with third parties. The payment of the product you want to buy with a credit card will be made through virtual pos provided by the contracted banks in our system. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt data flowing between HOTEL and your processor to keep it private and private. This technology makes it even more secure to enter your credit card information over the internet. Your personal information is also stored in the OTEL database, but your credit card information is not kept in the system and records for security reasons. With this agreement, GUEST confirms that he knows that his personal information is stored and will not be shared.




7.1- In the settlement of disputes arising from the implementation of this accommodation contract; Firstly, the provisions of this contract and the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the related Regulation will be applied and the parties can apply to the Consumer Courts and / or the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee within the legal limits. Competent court in resolving disputes; Antalya Court and enforcement offices.

The consumer confirms that he has received a copy of the information in electronic form, read and informed about the features of the service subject to the contract, sales price, payment method, performance and preliminary information, on the website introduction page and the registration document. accepts and declares.