The unique blue of the Mediterranean will warm you.
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Meeting the different expectations of our guests in terms of food & beverage in its restaurants and bars with different concepts, Ramada Resort Lara brings together the wonderful tastes of different cultures for you.

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Mood's Main Restaurant

Mood's Restaurant, the main restaurant of Ramada Resort Lara, offers you breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snacks during the day.

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Verona Ristorante A'la Carte Restaurant

The Verona á la carte restaurant awaits you to enjoy the refined flavours of Italian cuisine in a distinguished atmosphere.

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Ottoman Á la Carte Restaurant

With a rich menu that includes specialty dishes, the Ottoman á la carte restaurant offers the rare flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine and revives Ottoman culture.

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Fish – Inn Á la Carte Restaurant

The most succulent seafood is worked into splendid dishes at the hands of expert cooks.

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