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Children's Rights and Guest Policy

As the family of Ramada Resort Lara Hotel, with the awareness and responsibility of being an established organisation in tourism, we accept all our customers, including children, as guests, combining national and international values and fully complying with the requirements of human and children's rights. In line with this objective, we adopt the principle of providing the best service to our guests under the age of 18;

• We assume that the welfare of children is more important than any kind of profit and we act accordingly, conducting continuous improvement studies to ensure the continuity of the system,
• We take the necessary measures to protect children from all forms of exploitation,
• We support programmes that prevent children from becoming vulnerable and in need of protection and care.
• We support institutions and organisations that ensure that children who have been involved in crimes or against whom crimes have been committed are reintegrated into society,
• We organise training on child protection for our staff.
• We do not employ child labourers under the age of 18.
• We support all kinds of child protection organisations and activities in our area.
• We do not accept bookings from children under the age of 18 or guests who do not have a father-child bond.
• We ensure that all suspicious acts involving children are reported to local authorities and relevant organisations.

Recognising that all children are individuals with rights, we work with all institutions and organisations involved, as well as non-governmental organisations and local administrations, in implementing this policy to ensure that children's rights, such as  

the right to life and development,  
the right to protection,  the right to participation and  
the prevention of discrimination,
are adopted and lived in all areas of life. In cooperation with all stakeholders providing services to children, we implement activities to raise social awareness and sensitivity to prevent violence against children.

Guests who display inappropriate behaviour and continue to cause disturbances despite warnings from the hotel management will be expelled from the hotel with the approval of the General Manager or we will report them to the judicial authorities, depending on the severity of the situation, With the "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1959, we adopt the principle of taking the necessary legal and administrative measures, improving all necessary conditions and ensuring more effective and happy participation of children in life, within the framework of the understanding of the welfare state enshrined in our Constitution, We adopt this policy with my entire team and pledge to provide the necessary determination and support for its implementation.